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Fixing the problems in url rewriting

postbacks while using solution: put this code: <%@ Register TagPrefix="url" Namespace="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter" Assembly="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter" %> and change <form id="form1" runat="server"> to <url:form runat="server"> problem with Google BOT solution: add this code in your  App_Browsers/genericmozilla5.browser <browsers>   <browser id="GenericMozilla5" parentID="Mozilla">     <identification> … Continue reading

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Simple url rewriting ASP net with URLRewriter.Net

URL Rewriting with URLRewriter.Net URL Rewriting has lots of benefits, listing its main benefits SEO Friendly URL Secured URL No need to change bookmark with change in site structure. Before URL Rewriting my URL looks like http://localhost:2661/URLRewrite2/DynamicPage.aspx?MyTitleId=1 After URL Rewriting … Continue reading

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YAF forum multiple boards stand alone

Problem: you want 2 diffrent forum with 1 login Solution: YAF is just a control so call it using the boardid as a parameter. For instance, if you look at the default.aspx it has code that looks like this: <form … Continue reading

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Embedding YAF inside an existing website

===The problem=== I have an existing website with master pages and lots of other stuff. How do I embed yaf into that, so I can use my existing menus and everything, with yaf appearing seamlessly as a page within … Continue reading

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